• John MacArthur Ellis

    Award winning Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist

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John Wins 2017 BCCMA


John picked up another Pedal Steel Player of the Year Award at the BCCMA's!

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Jeremy Fisher

"Johnny really understands the nuances of a live performance and has a keen ability to translate that from a controlled studio environment onto tape. He’s always trying to reach for those sounds that are not in the stock modern music vocabulary. I can remember a lot of happy accidents coming from him saying, "Let’s not go there, it sounds too normal." If one word could sum up everything he brought to my album it would have to be texture; in a few short sessions he found the contrast that was necessary to bring context to the songs and stories I was trying to tell." ~ Jeremy Fisher

Leeroy Stagger

"Every time I work with John I am constantly impressed and surprised at his ability to lead me in the right direction with each song we are working on. He has a classic palette but can also think outside the box when it is needed. I trust him 100% with what I need done. He rocks harder than most people I play with as well." ~ Leeroy Stagger

Barney Bentall

"John is a very gifted producer. Not only is he world-class in his engineering, arranging & production skills, he is an extremely talented & versatile musician, able to add the "right part" to a song, be it a tambourine or pedal steel (& everything in between). But the thing that’s most important to me, as an artist who has been recording for over 25 years, is Johnny’s ability to truly listen to the person who is making the record. Then try to help them achieve and enhance their vision for the music in a true partnership. That’s what I think making records is all about." ~ Barney Bentall

John Wins 2017 BCCMA

John picked up another Pedal Steel Player of the Year Award at the BCCMA's!