• John MacArthur Ellis

    Award winning Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist

Sessions & Gigs

For a more up to date list of John's touring and production history, please visit his studio website: MacArthur Park Productions

Below is a just a sampling of his past and recent clients, contractors and musical accomplices.

Album Sessions
Doc Walker, Ridley Bent, Aaron Pritchett, Ferron, Jane Sibbery, Jeremy Fisher, The Higgins, Leeroy Stagger, Wyckham Porteous, One More Girl, Tom Jackson, Chad Brownlee, The Be Good Tanyas, Barney Bentall, Dustin Bentall, Haley Mclean, Jen Lane, Grand Cariboo Opry, JD Bixby, Carla Crawford, AJ Woodworth, Sean Hogan, Kim Kuzma,  and many, many more.

Touring/Live Gigs
Doc Walker, Aaron Pritchett, Ridley Bent, Ferron, Barney Bentall, Wyckham Porteous, Colin James, Chad Brownlee, R&B Allstars, John Wort Hannam, The Higgins, Shawn Verreault, Dustin Bentall, Leeroy Stagger, One More Girl, Jen Lane, Leslie Alexander, Grand Cariboo Opry, Haley Maclean, Karen Lee Batten, Gary Cammeau, Chris Ronald, and many, many more.

Film & Television Sessions
No Clue - Brent Butt, Alliance Films, 2013
Intelligence - Chris Haddock, CBC, TV Series, 2006-2007
Da Vinci’s Inquest  - CBC, TV Series 2003-2005
The Handler - Chris Haddock, CBS, TV series 2003-2004
The Immortal - NBC, TV Series, 2001-2002
Betrayed - CBC/Barna Alper Productions, Feature Film. Directed by Ann Wheeler 2003
The Immortal - NBC, TV Series, 2002/2001
Bad Money -  Red Devil, Feature Film 2000
Kitchen Party - Sub Urban Films (Odeon), 1999